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What is PumpTrakr?

There’s a lot of money to be saved in irrigation by managing it well, and Pumptrakr helps you do just that. Manage your entire irrigation system—from team management to fuel levels, maintenance issues to pump activity and locations—in one convenient app.

Pumptrakr helps you manage your team and communicate with them quickly and easily so you can all get the job done, and allows for easy record-keeping that saves time and money. Start tracking with Pumptrakr and enjoy a comprehensive way to manage your irrigation operations and team with a clear picture of what’s happening in your fields, all at the push of a button.

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PumpTrakr screenshots

Pump icon Pump List

  • Dynamic, scrollable “active” and “inactive” pump lists
  • Icon indicates pump maintenance concerns
  • Start time, end time, and run time indicators
  • Realtime virtual fuel gauge with auto fuel type and auto tank size calculations

Map icon Map View

  • Color-coded markers for active and inactive pumps
  • Icons indicating maintenance concerns and fuel needs
  • Individual field display at bottom is sorted by closest pumps, or by selecting a marker on the map
PumpTrakr screenshots

Task list icon Pump Options

  • Select pump, field, and section to be irrigated
  • Easily name and change power units
  • Set timer to remind users to turn off or switch pumps
  • Record pumping session notes and maintenance concerns, giving team members the opportunity to report issues before they turn into problems
  • View pump history

Fuel icon Fuel Cycle Info

  • Adjust fuel rate to match actual consumption
  • Reset fuel level
  • Virtual fuel tank displays fuel type, amount of fuel, and percentage remaining
PumpTrakr desktop and mobile views

Mobile device icon Mobile

  • Communication between users, ensuring your team is always filled in with the most up-to-date information
  • Current pump status
  • Current fuel status
  • Maintenance issue notices
  • Easily view pump history
  • Know who is doing what at a glance, allowing you to easily manage your entire team
  • See all irrigation at once
  • Notice and flag a repair
  • Flag tanks for refilling

Desktop icon Desktop

  • Easy setup of fields, pumps, and power units
  • Add, edit, or remove users to keep team members current
  • See all your irrigation systems at a glance
  • Print repair reports
  • Print refueling work orders
  • Print water usage reports
  • Print power unit usage reports
  • Print fuel usage reports

Why Use PumpTrakr?

It keeps everyone on the same page, saving you lots of time and confusion.

PumpTrakr Infographic PumpTrakr Infographic


  • Make an immediate impact on irrigation operations with a low-cost solution. Pumptrakr makes your irrigation system more efficient overnight, and the base system can be built on to seamlessly add features that match your operation.
  • Know exactly what’s going in your fields without having to be there, like what pumps are running, how much fuel they have and if they’re working properly. This key information is gathered and organized for you and can be distributed at the push of a button.
  • Share critical knowledge with your team in real-time, making sure your team is always looped in with what’s happening in the fields.
  • Manage your team without spending hours pulling together information, making it simple and straightforward for everyone to know who did what and what’s up next. Your team can participate and report their work, setting up an efficient back-and-forth flow of information captured and organized in Pumptrakr.
  • Easily capture irrigation information – like the run time, fuel use, how much water was pumped, maintenance issues on equipment and the cost for each section – all without lifting a finger
  • Add remote monitoring and control features as needed, ensuring that you only pay for the services that best fit your operation.

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About PumpTrakr

PumpTrakr is a farmer-owned tech company.

Yes, we are farmers. My father and I have worked together for years. We know agriculture and we know firsthand the challenges we face. We are also very tech-minded and have never turned away from adopting new technologies.

At PumpTrakr, we believe there is a better way to manage irrigation; a way that improves the communication between people, automates record keeping, and helps analyze your data, making it relevant to you. We can do all this and so much more. The innovation of the PumpTrakr App is a fully integrated and automated irrigation management system.

We understand the rigors of irrigation because it’s part of our lives. I’ve fought the same old irrigation battle over and over. This drove me to look for a better way. I originally created the first version to help me organize and manage our farm so I could see the whole picture in one glance. After showing a few friends and other farmers, the interest became apparent. The functionality of PumpTrakr is needed by more producers than just me. So, we took a bold step. We chose to start PumpTrakr to create the app we want and need. PumpTrakr is for the ag irrigation needs in our community and yours.

Nathan Holmes

Since we have such a hope we are very bold. – 2 Corinthians 3:12

Nathan Holmes, founder of PumpTrakr

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