Subscription Pricing



  • Provides access to desktop dashboard
  • Provides unlimited access to the app for you and your team

Billed annually. Add more at any time.



  • Adds one well to your tracking data
  • Allows well to be viewable on PumpTrakr map view

Billed annually. Add more at any time.

Hardware Pricing

Pump Modules (optional)

For complete hardware pricing, visit our Shop page!

PumpTrakr Shop

  • Can start and stop wells remotely, depending on the well's power unit
  • Sends notifications of well status changes, or if wells turn off unexpectedly
  • All hardware is a 1-time purchase
  • All hardware carries a 1-year warranty
  • After warranty expires, hardware can be repaired by the appropriate providers
  • Data plan for each modem is $2/month + $0.03/message

Add more at any time.

Pricing Example

1 Headquarter


30 Wells

(30 x $25/year)

Data for 30 Modules

(30 x approx. $34/year)



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