PumpTrakr Update

PumpTrakr Scheduled Maintenance

Wednesday, March 31st

Hello, farmers and partners,
We’re really excited about the new updates about to be released! Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been working diligently this winter to make significant updates to the PumpTrakr web and mobile applications (more on improvements below).

We want to make you aware that this Wednesday, March 31st, there will be scheduled down time for a period of time. We will notify everyone once all services are back to fully functional. This downtime is unavoidable, so we’ve scheduled the update for this time of the year when the app is being used less frequently. So what’s it all about?

PumpTrakr 2.0 updates

  • Significant enhancements to how the web and mobile applications ‘speak’ to the hardware, improving reliability and stability for your day-to-day irrigation operations.
  • Maps: Faster loading speeds (much faster!)
  • Maps: Toggle to zoom to where you are and zoom to view the entire headquarter
  • Fuel: Sorting by fuel level and proximity
  • Mobile: Version checker (to make sure everyone is on the most recent update as we’re continuing to make improvements)
  • Well Management: Updated user flow to make starting sessions more seamless
  • Users: Updates for access levels in regards to administers and employees
  • Notifications: Updated push notifications and the addition of in-app notifications so you can easily recall what’s happened previously
  • Manual Sync: Curious if your app and hardware are in sync? There is now a manual sync feature that the technology communicates when you need it for times of uncertainty.
  • Hardware Configuration TypesFossil Fuel – Push Button and Fossil Fuel – Hand/Off/Auto are now new types of hardware to be added in the application

That’s not all. These updates will allow us to make even more improvements in the near future:

  • Paused sessions: For when there are unexpected (or expected) turn-offs of pumps, and you need to keep the same runtime on a session
  • Hand Auto: A better control for hand/off/auto switched electric wells
  • Water Sensors: New feature to manage water levels
  • Billing: New feature to allow demo accounts (so let us know if you have someone in mind that would benefit and we’ll get them set up to start for free!)

We have even more long-term plans, and we could never thank each of you enough for choosing PumpTrakr and trusting us with your business.

I take this responsibility seriously, and building this is a personal dream and vision I’ve enjoyed watching grow. I’m praying we all have a successful growing season!

Nathan Holmes
(573) 579-0335

Additional Info

BoldCypress LLC is the parent company made to create PumpTrakr. We are within a few weeks of releasing a new tracking app. BoldCypress Tracking will provide a line of tracking devices for trucks, ATVs, and even your personnel. As always, my goal is to provide the best product at an unbeatable price.